In Praise of Shadows

Group Project in LASALLE, 2018

The essay written by Jun'ichiro Tanizaki, In Praise of Shadows, speaks about the author's experience favouring Japanese aesthetics over Western Aesthetics.

In a group of 5, we created an interactive book of 32-pages that contain extracts from the original essay, and made it into a graphic illustrative form. It is a juxtapose of the two elements, Western and Japanese. Readers are able to use a light source to view the shadows between the pieces of paper.

Hidden Features

Junichiro Tanizaki personally feels western aesthetics should be hidden, as they are insightful and ugly. It does not resonate peace and tranquility like it's Japanese counterpart.

The Making

Carefully cut-out black paper was kept and glued in between the white paper. Sticked on carefully using a pair of tweezers to make it consistent with the printed illustrations. Wood boards were cut out, and painted over with wood stain, and with tracing paper, traced out the title on the cover.

It is finally bound together for 3 hours using 'single coptic stitch binding' method which involves stitching it with 6 needles for 6 holes, page by page.