Best of Social Creatives

Creative Executions & Art Direction on Social Media for Mindshare, 2019

While at Mindshare, I had created many interesting creative executions for notable brands such as Haagen-Dazs, American Standard and Sensodyne.

Haagen-Dazs: Immersive Experience

There have been a few instances where I get to propose interesting ideas that are out of the norm - such as the immersive experience which makes the video *pop!*

Haagen-Dazs: 3D Depth

Other popular posts are the 3D Depth map posts which allows the viewer to play around with the camera to view the post in 3D, making it more eye catching than the usual static images.

Sensodyne: 360-degree Experience

Other popular and rather challenging post was the Sensodyne 360-degree static. It allows the viewer to move their cameras in any angle they want to view. Giving the viewer a full immersive experience compared to a 2D immersive video & 3D-depth picture.

Sensodyne: GIPHY Stickers

Creating a series of 10x GIPHY stickers to be used for Instagram, promoting awareness of Sensodyne as a brand. 

From the character design, storylines and concepts in each sticker, to the animation, all executed by Eugenia and viewed extensively on GIPHY and Instagram.

Click to view the whole series

American Standard:

Carousel with a Story

American Standard is a family-friendly, toilet brand. Using the existing concept, Eugenia created a storyline and assets to make a "family" sharing the bathroom in a scroll-able Facebook Carousel videos.