Heartland Hubby

TV Series produced by Robot Playground Media, 2015

A Singaporean TV series which aired on Channel 5 in 2015. Which later continued into 'shorts' and published on Facebook for SG50 celebrations.

Participating in a 3-month internship with Robot Playground Media, conducted by Nanyang Polytechnic, Heartland Hubby was created.
Heartland Hubby Facebook is available here.
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Season One

During my internship in 2015, I helped out with 'Heartland Hubby' Season 1 just before it started airing on Channel 5.


Season Two 'Shorts'

After working full-time with Robot Playground Media (RPM), Season Two was on the way. Part of the SG50 celebrations, we created 'Heartland Hubby SG50 Shorts' and worked on 20 episodes worth of background, design, props and animation.