A Child's Experience with Grief

Personal Work, 2019

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This project aims to develop a more representative expression of death using talking animals to soften the subject. Talking animals are used to create distance between the reader and character, making it easier to discuss hard to approach topics such as death. In many stories meant for children, the realities of death is masked with inappropriate vocabulary (euphemisms), which is ambiguous and mysterious for children.


By creating a representative expression of death in the three storybooks, children book practitioners and parents are able to use it as references when discussing about death and loss. Currently, Eugenia is planning and hoping to publish these storybooks with a local publisher to make it ready for purchase.


Over a period of 3 months, students at LASALLE are required to produce design solutions
to problems, in Eugenia's case, she produced 3 storybooks from writing, storyboarding, and deciding on the type of visual language used for the books. 

Practitioner's Edition

Besides the creation of the 3 storybooks, Eugenia had created 3 Practitioner's Editions that accompanied each storybook she had crafted. These editions explain in great depth and detail about the rationales and creation of the respective stories. Children book practitioners and parents are able to use it as references when discussing or choosing books on loss.

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