The Little Match Girl

Short Film Animation, 2015

"The Little Match Girl" (Simplified Chinese: 卖火折子的小姑娘), is an adaptation of the original Hans Christian Anderson story. A short 3min clip, created from story making to the final post production over 3 months. It also won the 17th Digicon6 2015 (Next Generation) Winner!

This project is part of the Final Year Project in 2015 from Nanyang Polytechnic. The team consists of 4 other members. In this project, my main role was to oversee the schedule and make sure everyone is on time.

Roles in The Little Match Girl

I worked on Background designs for the buildings and lanterns. Background done in Photoshop, one of the falling building sequence done in Maya then transferred to After Effects. In After Effects, I created snow using "foam" and did the final tweaks to the lanterns in the establishing shot.